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Wall Vinyl


Wall Graphics

A wall decal and/or a customized wall graphic is an image that can be customized to suit you or your business. They are printed on Matte vinyl and can be placed on a wall. A wall decal usually takes less than an hour to be applied. Application time depends on the size and how many pieces make up the decal and graphics.


  • Durability
    Now if we compare the cost of these decorative items to traditional designing and decorative overheads including painting of a room or arranging new stylish wallpaper; these removable wall decals can simply make us wordless.
  • Improve Work Environment
    Putting your tagline on walls, for instance, makes it easier to remember what your brand is about and inspire your team to perform at its best every day.
  • Less Mess, Lesser Damage
    Stickers cause no mess unlike wall paints. You don’t have to protect your floors and furniture from drops and stains of paint. Also, you shouldn’t do the cleaning afterwards.
  • No Stains
    Whenever you want to get rid of the wall stickers, you’ll be able to sleep easily and without getting any stains or marks on your walls. You don’t should face the ugly walls like those after removing wallpapers
    Be practical
  • Cleaning is simple! All that you are required to do is to peel the backside paper off and employ the removable wall stickers on your chosen walls. Your entire decorating job takes hardly a few hours depending upon its volume.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Compared to a traditional paint job that may take time and money to complete, a vinyl wall wrap can take as little as two days depending on the size of your wall so you can easily replace them to suit your needs.
  • Removable or permanent
    Due to their affordability and versatility, vinyl wall wrap is a practical option for business owners who are not quite ready to invest in a major office makeover but want to spruce up a wall as soon as possible. You can always begin with a good design and later add decals as the seasons change or as you develop new products and services.


Do you want to remove your wall decal?

If you want to remove your wall decal or customized wall graphics, you just peel the wall decal off the wall. However once you remove the decal and graphics you will not be able to reapply it again, so be sure you definitely want to remove them.

Is your wall textured?

You will still be able to apply the wall decal, however this may have change the look of the decal or your graphics because they will try to fit the texture of the wall and it will not be as smooth as a flat surface.

What if I just painted my wall?

We recommend waiting two weeks for putting a wall graphic if you’ve just painted your wall, as the paint needs to completely dry before you can place your decal on the wall. It will make a bigger difference for the life spans of your wall decal and graphics if you wait for the paint to completely dry before applying.

How long lasts the Wall decals?

If the wall decal / customized wall graphic is applied correctly, and you take appropriate care of it, they can last for longer than 3 years, making it a great choice to decorate a room or promote a business. We recommend you a professional installation to get better results, let our 407 printing staff do it for you.


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