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Car wrap
Car wrap
1. Pricing

We can help you choose an impactful but cost-effective design that will share your message within your budget. Each vehicle has its own shape and challenges, and many variables impact a vehicle graphics.
Our expert sales team will be ready on hand to provide detailed analyses and counseling if the need arises. We will provide you with an initial quoted based on your specifications and preferences. That said, we typically charge about $ 7.50 – $ 12.00 per square foot depending on the type of vehicle and usage. Once we receive a 50% payment we proceed to derive a design.

Car wrap
2. Design

We’ll first talk with you about the purpose of the wrap and exactly who you’re trying to reach. This stage takes on the averaged 1-2 weeks to complete and it is subjected to ratification by you. Once you’ve given the thumbs up, we will push your project to the next stage. The quoted price includes 2 changes. Any extra change will cost $60 each plus the design hours.

Car wrap
3. Production

Once you’ve chosen a design, it’s time to get it printed! We’ll need your vehicle in our facility for one to two days so we can take accurate dimensions. Printing takes 3-5 business days. We use 3M premium vehicle wrapping film with overlaminated.

4. Installation

We’ll need your vehicle in our facility, cleaned and in good conditions.. We typically finish a compact car wrap within 24 hours. We will share timeline expectations with you when your vehicle goes in the bay. This depends on the vehicle sizes.

Car wrap
5. Deliver

Once the work is ready, and you’ve given us the thumbs up, you can take your vehicle after cancelling the 50% remaining balance.
When you pick up your vehicle, we will take the time to tell you the best way to clean and care for your vehicle.
Your wrapped car will benefit from being kept away from hail, bird droppings, and ongoing direct sunlight. The better you take care of your wrap, the longer it will last.

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